Exciting News on the Horizon for Fans

One Piece fans can rejoice, news has just fallen and it will delight aficionados and Luffy and his companions. In addition, it seems that it will be very soon.

We know that as soon as One Piece content shows up, the web becomes agitated. With the Netflix series alone, we have seen tons of theories arrive, but also analyzes and critiques on the live action series. That’s without counting the reactions to new chapters of the manga almost every week. Knowing this, it is very attractive for any media or content to surf on this phenomenon, but you still need to have the rights. The powerful Epic Games is aware of this and will soon show it to us.


A collaboration with One Piece, but not only

According to the rumors section of the Xbox Era Podcast, Fortnite could see a collaboration with One Piece. We can expect a series of skins featuring many characters, but perhaps also some additions to the map in reference to the famous pirate manga. In any case, although the standard of Epic Games has already accustomed us to impressive partnerships, like Metal Gear Solid, this one is undoubtedly one of the most important since the release of the game in the same way as Dragon Ball. Therefore, it is possible to see it happen with a particular event.

The podcast talks about other collaborations that are just as enticing as One Piece. The first is Final Fantasy 7. Given the release of Rebirth which is fast approaching, we can imagine that Cloud and his friends will probably join the Battle Royal in February or March. That’s not all ! The leaks also talk about new Marvel skins: Doctor Octopus, Magneto, Cyclops, Colossus, but also the Fantastic 4. It must be said that Fortnite recently released a trailer featuring a big partnership with Disney. The big-eared company has invested no less than 1.5 billion in Epic Games. It is therefore not surprising to see Marvel skins multiplying.

DC is not, however, put aside since we will also see Robin and Peacemaker arrive. Finally, the leak also mentions He-Man and Skeletor, the protagonist and antagonist of this famous cartoon from the 80s: Masters of the Universe. It should still be remembered that none of this information concerning One Piece or the rest has been made official and that they only exist as rumors.