Chip shortage makes way for component shortage

Chip shortage makes way for component shortage

The chip shortage is slowly coming to an end. While several companies say it won’t be back to normal until around 2023, a new shortage seems to be on the horizon again: passive components.

Passive components are parts such as capacitors, resistors, coils and other small electronic parts. These are often made in countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Due to the strict lockdowns in these countries, factories such as Chemi-Con, Nichicon and Rubicon had to temporarily close their doors. The three manufacturers account for about 50 percent of the capacitor market.

Analysts expect a deficit of 30 to 60 percent. Manufacturers in Taiwan and China are trying to fill the shortages by increasing production capacity, but they have been unable to prevent the average waiting time from increasing from three to six weeks to three to six months. It is not yet clear how long this shortage will last.


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