Catching Shiny Meltan – 3 tips to make sure it works

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Von: Noah Struthoff

Shiny Meltan is back in Pokémon GO. The Pokemon is not that easy to catch. We give you 3 useful tips.

San Francisco – Shiny Meltan is back in Pokémon GO! After months of only being able to catch the Pokémon in its Normal form, it is now available again as Shiny. To get the rare specimen, you need a lot of luck and also some skill. With the right tricks, Shiny Meltan is quite easy to catch. We’ll show you.

name of the game Pokémon GO
Release (date of first publication) July 06, 2016
Publishers Niantic
Serie Pokémon
platforms Android, iOS
developer Niantic
Genre Augmented Reality, Mobile

Pokémon GO: Catch Shiny Meltan – This is how you have the best chance

How does Shiny Meltan exist? As part of Pokémon GO’s Let’s GO event, Meltan will also appear in-game in his shiny form. You can still benefit from special bonuses that revolve around Meltan until March 29th. You can still get the Pokémon only through a miracle box. We’ll explain how you get this box here: Pokémon GO: Get a miracle box – catch Meltan in 2023

How likely is Shiny Meltan? There is no official data on this. However, multiple analyzes have shown that Shiny Meltan appears quite frequently. The shiny chance should be around 1 in 40 to 1 in 50. So you have the best chance of getting this rare piece.

Meltan and the Wonder Box in Pokemon GO. © Niantic

Pokémon GO: Catching Shiny Meltan – Follow these important tips

Take advantage of the event bonus: In keeping with the Let’s GO event, Pokémon GO also has a strong bonus all about Meltan: The miracle box is available every two days. Usually you have to wait much longer to get hold of a Wunderbox. Take advantage of this bonus and collect the Miracle Box every other day until March 29th to provoke the maximum encounters with Meltan.

Focus on the miracle box: The miracle box then works just like a smoke. However, only Meltan are attracted here. Since the Pokémon are quite small, they can easily be overlooked. We therefore recommend that you don’t just throw on the miracle box on the side, but only concentrate on the box and the spawning Meltan. Only then can you really catch all Meltan from the wonder box.

Discuss with friends: The Miracle Box for Meltan is only available when you connect your game to Pokémon Home or the Let’s GO Eevee/Pikachu Switch game. If you don’t have both options yourself, you can simply talk to friends. Linking your account to your friend’s Switch game is also sufficient. This is how you get the miracle box.

There is also a new special research to solve in Pokémon GO. We’ll show you the steps in detail here: Pokémon GO: “Let’s go and GO!” Special research – levels and rewards