Bison Futé notes more than 1000 kilometers of traffic jams

Smart one

Smart one

More than 1000 km of accumulated traffic jams were recorded by Bison-Fûté this Saturday August 6 at midday on the roads of France.

TRANSPORT – It is a symbolic threshold crossed at midday on the roads of France. More than 1000 cumulative kilometers of traffic jams were recorded this Saturday August 6 by Bison-Fûté. A more than exceptional level according to the statistics of the organization which had classified the day “black” because of the crossover.

1076 km were precisely counted at 12:10 p.m.which is the record recorded since the beginning of 2022. We are even approaching last year’s record when, on the same date, 1086km had been recorded.

More information to follow…

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