Amazon Music’s Dolby Atmos and 24-bit stereo audio is now available on Sonos

As anticipated on the occasion of the second generation of Sonos Beam, the wireless speakers of the Californian manufacturer have finally received the update that allows you to play Dolby Atmos and Hi-Res audio via the Amazon Music Unlimited streaming service. Dolby Atmos audio is only supported by Sonos Arc and Beam Gen.2 soundbars, while Hi-Res audio is supported by Roam, Arc, Beam (1 and 2), Five, Sub, Move, One, One SL devices , Port, Amp, SYMFONISK Bookshelf, SYMFONISK Table Lamp, Play: 5 (Gen 2), Connect (Gen 2) and Connect: Amp (Gen 2). Dolby Atmos and Ultra HD logos will now appear on the Sonos app when tracks in their respective formats play on devices.

There are some limitations. In all cases it is necessary to upgrade to the S2 platform, while the legacy S1 platform is not supported. While Amazon Music Unlimited offers 24-bit “Ultra HD” tracks with sample rates up to 192kHz, Sonos’ definition of Hi-Res is 24-bit, 48kHz lossless audio. Sonos’ location is well illustrated in a well-done guide for the less experienced available at this address. Also, since Dolby Atmos audio is only compatible with soundbars, in case these are grouped for listening with other Sonos speakers, the system will play normal stereo versions by default, even on Arc and Beam. For listening in Atmos the speakers must be used individually or at most in home theater setups with other speakers as surround channels plus subwoofer.

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Hi-Res audio is currently only supported through Amazon Music and Qobutz. In the same post on Hi-Res audio, Sonos says they are hard at work bringing more 24-bit services to the platform in the future. Candidates could be Tidal and Apple Music.

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