$100,000 Magic Card – Fans Put Bounty on “One Ring”

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Von: Aileen Udowenko

Magic The Gathering is getting Lord of the Rings crossover soon. A fan put up a $100,000 bounty on a card.

Hamburg – Magic goes Lord of the Rings. The successful card game is now launching a Middle-earth version. In addition to well-known characters and magic of the story, of course, the ring also finds its way into the game. As in the books, this one is unique and can only be drawn by a lucky player. A collector is therefore willing to give the future owner of the map a decent finder’s fee.

Magic collector hunts for the one ring – offers $100,000 for LOTR card

This card is about: Wizards of the Coast is launching a new Magic edition that’s all about The Lord of the Rings. And in this, collectors and players have the chance to get exactly one card from the famous ring. The rare card with the serial number 001 of 001 can only be found in English-language The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth boosters. And the ring has already drawn a collector under its dark spell.

This card is already being bid for $100,000 © Wizard

Collector Dan Bock, well-known in the Magic community, posted on a Facebook group that he was offering $100,000 to the finder of the card. However, should there be any higher bids, Dan would also be willing to increase his stake. So far, however, it has significantly exceeded previous bids of around 20,000 US dollars.

Magic collector offers $100,000 for ring card – fans think that’s not enough

What fans say: In a Magic subreddit, not all fans are excited about this offer. Some believe that the value of the card is several times higher. “He’s trying to buy the ticket cheaply, it’s worth at least ten times as much”. However, Dan says he won’t raise his bid until someone else bids more money for the rare ring card.

Tickets sell for this: Pokémon cards sometimes fetch astronomical prices in auctions, but Magic doesn’t have to hide with its cards either. A recent auction of the Black Lotus card brought in $500,000 for its owner. If you want to try your luck now, you’ll have to wait until June 23, because that’s when the new Magic set will appear.