[Vita] RetroFlow-Launcher 7.0.1 available – News and updates posted on LS

The developer jimbob4000 has just released RetroFlow-Launcher in version 7.0.0. As a reminder, RetroFlow-Launcher is a nice little graphical interface allowing you to browse and launch your Retro games on the PS Vita, and is originally a fork of HexFlow-Launcher by VitaHEX.

This is a modified version of HexFlow Launcher, a 3D coverflow like launcher for PS Vita. This version includes retro game categories that can be launched without bubbles for RetroArch, DaedalusX64 and Flycast. Playstation and PSP games can also be launched without having to create bubbles for each game. You will have understood that RetroFlow will replace the Bull Menu with the most beautiful effect.


Changelog 7.0.1:

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue with Adrenaline games where the generated 'boot.bin' was malformed. This would cause a crash when accessing startup settings while the game was running, as well as possible in-game performance issues.

Changelog 7.0.0:



The release notes are long, so here's a quick summary.

Best artwork for retro games.

File CRC checks have been added to help identify more games. They are not available for all systems, but most non-CD based systems have been added.

Easier installation and configuration when using Adrenaline.

Adrenaline bubble booter and the RetroFlow Adrenaline Launcher vpk are installed automatically if you use Adrenaline. This is done during the first setup and also checked when analyzing games.


Best game identification for retro game artwork downloads.

CRC file checks have been added for better artwork matching for most non-CD based systems. Zip and rar are supported but are not recommended because the application must extract them to check the CRC. 7z is not supported. For more information on CRC support, see here. CRC was made possible thanks to the use of the “Adrenaline bubble manager” code from the ONElua team.

New artwork uploader.

A new artwork downloader has been designed to work with the game's new CRC checks. The downloader will first try to download the artwork based on the game's filename, then attempt to identify the game using of its CRC checksum if nothing is found. The downloaded artwork is now displayed on the progress screen. There is also better power management, the Vita cannot go to sleep (which would pause downloads), the screen will turn off after a while and turn back on once the download is complete. illustration finished.

Ability to use the old artwork uploader.

You can use the old downloader by turning off the “Artwork > Download using CRC” setting, but it may find fewer illustrations. The option to download artwork on a system-by-system basis has been removed to simplify the user experience and code.

Automatic installation of RetroFlow Adrenaline Launcher.

The VPK will be installed automatically when scanning games (provided Adrenaline is installed).

Automatic installation of the Adrenaline Bubble booter.

The application will now check if Adrenaline bubble booter is installed (necessary to run Adrenaline games), if it is not installed or if the CRC of the files is different, then Adrenaline bubble booter will be installed and you will be prompted to restart the vita. This should simplify the setup process. This was made possible thanks to the use of the code from “Adrenaline bubble manager” from the ONElua team, “Adrenaline bubble booter”. by Leecherman.

More Adrenaline game options added for PSP games.

Additional settings have been added for plugins, CPU speed, high memory, NoDRM engine and suspend threads. All ABM options are now available here as well.

Added support for Amiga WHD filenames.

The app will search for game titles based on common WHD file names.

Clock in 12 hour format.

Added an option to use a 12 hour format clock. Go to “More Settings > Time” to change.


Artwork – Extract PSP Backgrounds – Artwork is now displayed on screen during the process.

Polish translations updated thanks to SK00RUPA.

Positioning of icons at the top of the screen when the Wi-Fi icon is not displayed.

Bug fixes

Fixed custom PS1 covers not displaying for some Retroarch PS1 games.

Extract Vita icons and backgrounds – I used cy33hc's copyicons for stability. My version had additional features but had bugs.

The description of ScummVM has been removed because it can cause a Lua error.