Unprecedented look at TSMC gives insight into iPhone chip manufacturing

Creating Apple branded chips is a complex process

A personal visit to the TSMC factory provided a rare insight into the company responsible for the trillions of transistors that power processors around the world, including Apple.

The source for the report is Virginia Heffernan, writing for Wired, who was able to visit the TSMC factory in person. The journey to the factory was documented along with the visit itself, and we gleaned some interesting information from this story.

TSMC is a popular company with 20,000 technicians, which is only one third of the workforce. An engineer’s starting salary is the equivalent of about $5,400 a month — in a place where rent is about $450 for a one-bedroom apartment.

“We are in the atomic design business,” Liu told Heffernan. “I tell my engineers, ‘Think like an atom-sized human.’