Title: A Brutal Twist on Classic FPS Gameplay: Survive 10 Seconds or Face Death in This New Neo Fest Game

The Steam Neo Fest allows you to discover this ultra-nervous FPS in a demo available now.

Developed by three developers from Hammer95 studio and published by Epopeia Games, Mullet Mad Jack is an FPS not like the others. Whether visually or in its mechanics, this very dynamic title offers an original experience.


An FPS where you face billionaire robots in an anime aesthetic

The Steam Neo Fest offers players the opportunity to test various games in demos. Right now you can discover a unique experience with a demo available on Steam: Mullet Mad Jack. Developed by Hammer95, this game combines elements of FPS and rogue-litewith a retrofuturistic aesthetic of 80s – 90s Japanese anime. In a dystopian world where man and internet merge to survive, the protagonist, Mullet Mad Jack, must kill billionaire robots led by a criminal AI to get your dose of dopamine. Indeed, if he does not take one dose every ten secondsin other words if you do not kill an enemy within this allotted time, your character dies!

To survive, kill an enemy in ten seconds

The concept of Mullet Mad Jack is therefore based on a simple but effective game mechanic: kill or die. In a future where social networks almost have the power of life or death over their users, the player embodies the formidable Mullet Mad Jack, a moderator responsible for saving a famous influencer from the clutches of billionaire robots. Each downed enemy adds a few precious seconds to Jack's time, helping him continue his mission. This race against time creates a thrilling tension, pushing players to take a fast and aggressive approach to progress in the randomly generated levels. The game will offer a campaign mode, but also a survival mode where you will have to stay alive as long as possible in an infinite arcade mode. You will be able to compare your time with your friends, in this game which is only playable solo.

You can play the demo now

The visual appearance of Mullet Mad Jack does not lack charm, with graphics inspired by classic Japanese anime and an very bright color palette which catch the eye. THE animated cutscenes add character to the game's aesthetic, immersing players in a retrofuturistic cyberpunk universe. In addition, on the gameplay side, the many upgrades available as you progress offer a wide variety of playing styles, allowing personalize your experience according to your preferences. Mullet Mad Jack is available now in demo for free on Steam.

With a release planned for 2024 on Steam (a Steam Deck version is also in the works), then later on PS5, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch, Mullet Mad Jack promises a frenetic and addictive gaming experience.