The work of the “Iron Dome” in Israel hit the video: Society: World:

The process of reflection of the missiles of the Israeli missile defense “Iron Dome” was caught on video

Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system (ABM) repels rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip. The operation of the system was caught on video, it publishes Telegram– channel “360”.

Pops can be heard in the footage posted online. White footprints are also visible in the sky. An air raid alert was reportedly sounded in Tel Aviv. According to local media, Islamic Jihad militants (terrorist organization banned in Russia) from the Gaza Strip fired approximately 80 rockets into Israel.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that 33 rockets were shot down using the Iron Dome system, and 13 more exploded on Israeli territory. At the same time, more than 30 shells did not reach Israel and collapsed in the Gaza Strip shortly after launch.

On August 5, Israel announced the launch of a large-scale Operation Dawn against Islamic extremists. During operational activities, the IDF eliminated one of the leaders of the radical Palestinian organization banned in the Russian Federation, Islamic Jihad, Taysir Jabari. The consequences of the air strike and the destruction of the militant were caught on video.

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