The opening music of Apple’s MacBook Pro conference is hotly debated, and some fans hope that Apple Music can provide downloads

When Apple’s second new product launch event this fall began, there was a young man wearing blue jeans, a black hoodie, glasses, and hippie curly hair. He looked like Jobs when he was young. He was at home. There are various Apple products in the garage, including iMacG3, iBook, MacBook Pro, iPod Hi-Fi, HomePod mini, iPod and iPhone, etc., collecting various sounds and editing them on the Mac.

In fact, this is the British music producer AGCook (Alexander Guy Cook) using Apple Pro Display XDR, MacBook Pro and Logic Pro to mix the sounds of Apple’s classic products over the past 45 years, paying tribute to Jobs and these classic products. This video is very interesting. It not only shows the various hardware of Apple over the years, but also turns these sounds into a song called “Start Up”.


According to The VergeReportAccording to the complete list of sound effects provided by Apple, this song includes the following sound effects:

  • iMac G3 boot

  • Turn on MacBook Pro

  • AirPods charging box opening and closing

  • iOS reminder

  • HomePod minimum volume

  • iPod click wheel

  • Note prompt

  • Email sound

  • MagSafe charger

  • Night Owl ringtones

  • HomePod Nope

  • HomePod PingPong

  • Mac 2020 reminder

  • Empty the trash can

  • Message sent

  • Receive message

  • HomePod device recognition

  • iPhone keyboard

  • AirDrop invite

  • Mac Sosumi

  • Apple Pay

Apple’s promotional videos and advertisements have always been very bold, avant-garde, and creative. Perhaps in China, the artist AGCook is not known to anyone, but many foreign fans think it’s a pity that “Start Up” did not appear on Apple Music. I hope it will be on Apple. Download from Music. Others said that they hope that it is not only a commercial song for promotion, but it should be expanded into a complete song, and more sound effects can be added, such as the beep when the headset is plugged into the iPhone.


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