The Last of Us multiplayer game is feathering out and will be released later than expected – News

In a communicated published on Twitter, Naughty Dog explains, remaining vague, that his project will need more time than expected, knowing that Neil Druckmann had previously announced that the title would finally be unveiled later this year. The story doesn’t say if those plans still hold, but Naughty Dog assures the studio is ” incredibly proud of the work he has done so far » and that the development continues, in parallel with the other projects of the Californian studio, among which « a whole new single-player experience “.

We say thank you Bungie?

In fact, if Naughty Dog felt compelled to publish this press release, it was because the studio was contacted by journalist Jason Schreier whose revelations were published a few minutes later on Bloomberg

. And what Naughty Dog did not say is that the team in charge of multiplayer gaming has been reduced considerably, as if the game is no longer a priority.

A small group remains on the project while the company reassesses its direction. While the game hasn’t been canceled, many of its developers have been assigned to other projects “, can we read on Bloomberg. Remember that Naughty Dog has been developing this multiplayer title for at least four years, first in the form of a mode for The Last of Us Part II before the decision was made to revise the ambitions upwards and make it a game. fully fledged.

According to Jason Schreier, it was an internal assessment conducted by Bungie (which acts as a major consultant for multiplayer games from other PlayStation studios) that led to a reassessment of the importance of Naughty Dog’s project. Bungie would indeed have expressed doubts as to the ability of The Last of Us multiplayer game to maintain the interest of players over a long period. A reversal of the situation to say the least unexpected and which falls very badly at a time when Naughty Dog could have capitalized on the enormous success of the HBO series The Last of Us.