Star Wars Outlaws: A Universe of Adventure and Possibility

Game news “Lots of things to do” Star Wars Outlaws will not just be a story, it will also offer an extraordinary universe


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The developers of Star Wars Outlaws reassure players: there will be a lot of things to do! Beyond the story, the title also offers an extraordinary universe for all those who try the game.


On the occasion of a interview for Game Informerthe creative director of Star Wars: Outlaws, Julian Gerighty, returned to the creation of the game universe. Whether clashes with different criminal syndicates, dynamic events in the open world or densely populated urban settlements, the numerous moons and planets promise a good dose of content. But what about space travel?

Prepare for the release of Star Wars: Outlaws on Xbox Series

Always something to do

The orbits of each of the planets or moons we created must have been full of lots of different things. We didn't want to create endless space, so you just propel yourself from one planet's orbit to another. So all spatial zones always have something to do. -Julian Gerighty (Game Informer)

Travel in space remain completely free and do not require loading times. One of their spearheads was “have that seamless experience of walking to your spaceship, then flying out of the atmosphere and then into space”.

"Lots of things to do" Star Wars Outlaws will not just be a story, it will also offer an extraordinary universe

An open world anchored in the present

If space is freely explorable, the same goes for the various land visits. In fact, the Massive Entertainment studio is committed to creating an open world, devoid of towers revealing the map or other such artifacts. Reputedly dated, this system is abandoned in favor of the “fog of war”, which will naturally disappear as exploration progresses. It was journalist Brian Shea from Game Informer who said this on X (formerly Twitter), following an interview with Julian Gerighty.

The world must measure up to the team's ambitions, who wishes to explore the theme of the bandit who frees himself from laws and conventions. To meet this need, the teams sought to, themselves, free yourself from traditional open world gameplay. Star Wars: Outlaws should be available from August 30 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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