Release Date Announced – Sims Competitor Attacks

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Von: Peer Schmidt

Life by You is the life simulation game from Paradox Interactive and is a real competitor to The Sims 5 from EA Games. We explain everything important to you.

Hamburg – Paradox Interactive recently announced that their new game “Life by You” will start in Early Access on September 12, 2023. Players can now wishlist or pre-order the game. It will be available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store at a price of 40 euros.

Title: Life by You
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Genre: Life simulation, business game, early access
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Developer: Paradox Tectonic

Life by You: Serious competition for The Sims 5 from Paradox Interactive

With “Paralives” and “Life by You” the well-known game “The Sims” from Maxis and EA now has serious competition. In particular, the announced “The Sims 5”, which is known under the working title Project René, will have to assert itself in an increasingly competitive market.

“Life by You” is being developed by the Paradox Tectonic developer studio from Berkeley, California, which is part of the Paradox Interactive group. The studio is led by Rod Humble, a former The Sims developer and industry veteran. Best known for his work on The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, Humble should be familiar with the expectations and desires of fans of the genre.

Life by You is the upcoming life simulation game from Paradox Interactive © Paradox Interactive

It remains to be seen how these new titles will hold up against the established The Sims franchise and whether they will be able to set new standards in the life simulation gaming genre. Nevertheless, it is exciting to see how the landscape of this game category develops and what innovations the developer studios have in store for the fans.

Life by You should score with the individual design of the simulation

According to Paradox, Life by You allows players to customize and live out the lives of the people they create. An open game world is available for this purpose, in which almost everything should be customizable. Players can start their households, build houses and have conversations in real language. There is also the option to switch between the third-person perspective and direct-control gameplay.

“Life by You” thus promises to offer an innovative and extensive life simulation that gives players a lot of freedom in designing their virtual world. With the ability to customize almost every aspect of the game and the extensive interaction between the characters, “Life by You” could become a real alternative to the established titles in the life simulation genre.

Creater tools and close cooperation with the developer

Life by You will provide players with a variety of creator tools and editors designed to enable them to “tweak every aspect of their experience and live life to the fullest – or break the rules as they do.” see fit.” Paradox Tectonic emphasizes that they value player collaboration and intend to incorporate player feedback throughout Early Access.

Screenshot der Lebenssimulation Life by You von Paradox Interactive
Screenshot der Lebenssimulation Life by You von Paradox Interactive © Paradox Interactive

This close collaboration with the community is an important aspect for the further development of the game and the fulfillment of the expectations of the players. By incorporating player feedback, developers can ensure they are meeting player needs and desires, while also fixing any bugs or inconsistencies.

“Life by You” offers players a variety of features and options to customize their gaming experience:

  • Play in an open world with no loading screens: Players can move freely in the game world without being interrupted by annoying loading screens.
  • Expanded creativity through Mods: Players can create their own in-game content and thus customize the gaming experience through mods to their liking.
  • Telling Stories Through Conversations: Each Conversation in real language is based on your human’s unique situation, allowing players to create their own in-game conversations.
  • Take Control: Through Drag-and-drop or direct control in Third-Person-Modus the players have the possibility to move their humans to their desired place or to control them directly.
  • Creating people according to their own ideas: Im Human Creator players can shape their families, including “deeper personality and character traits“. It is also possible to restyle and redesign it at any time.
  • Customize Your World: Players can build their dream homes or businesses, and rearrange cities from the ground up to create the perfect environment for their people.
  • Through these extensive functions, “Life by You” offers the players a high degree of freedom and personalizationto create a unique and customized gaming experience in the world of life simulations.

The provision of creator tools and editors encourages the creativity of the players and allows them to realize their individual visions within the game. This could help set Life by You apart from other life sims and build a loyal player base that is actively involved in creating and improving the game.

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