Preligens announces surrender and issues call for bids for acquisition

Specializing in the processing of defense data and information generated by sensors, the Preligens start-up is surrendering. After a proposed sale announced by Agefi last December, it was the media’s turn The echoes to detail the situation more than aggravating for the start-up, still not considered a French nugget.

So the founders of Preligens, Arnaud Guérin and Renaud Allioux, turned to Jean-Yves Courtois last year – appointing him president of the company – in the hope of turning things around. Formerly of the General Directorate of Armaments and Thaleshe also went through Temex and Saffron Trusted 4D, a subsidiary of Safran Electronics and Defense (Division of the Safran Group), specializing in resilient positioning, navigation and timing.


A call for tenders launched among around twenty players

However, this does not seem sufficient since The echoes reports that Jean-Yves Courtois has launched a call for tenders from around twenty players for its takeover and hopes for tender submissions in mid-April. Thales and Safran also seem to have entered the race. The defense market, which seemed buoyant on the surface, ultimately turned out to be much more restrictive than expected for the company.

The French start-up is therefore faced with a major challenge. If it wants to bounce back and accelerate its growth, it must turn to UNITED STATES, particularly the US Department of Defense. However, the buyer can only be European for obvious reasons of sovereignty, in view of the renowned clients that Preligens has, such as the Chief of Staff of the Navy, the Directorate of Military Intelligence or the Chief of Staff. General Staff of the Armed Forces. To be continued.

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