Music star Eric Clapton’s one-off Ferrari | It is a truly unique car in the world

He is one of the greatest guitarists of all time by any world music expert. But it’s not just his guitar skills that’s really special, his own too garage! Here is Eric Clapton’s unique Ferrari.

Let’s find out the secrets of his car … (Virgin Radio)

You all know the Ferrari 458 Italia, of course, but did you know that there is also a special version dedicated to a blues star? His appearance is influenced by an old model of which man has owned not one but three examples.

Years of militancy

Born in 1945, Eric Clapton is one of the most famous and long-lived guitarists in history. “Slowhand”, literally “slow hand”, has been on the track for over sixty years and has worked magic with the best guitars in the world in hand until magazines like Rolling Stones named him – rightly – one of the five best guitarists of all. times. But the music it’s not Clapton’s only passionas you might imagine.

In fact, man has a weakness for supercars: in particular, for the most famous Cavallino in the world. Over the course of his long life, Clapton has owned as many as three Ferrari 512BB and despite changing several cars over the years, he has never forgotten the emotions that this model aroused in him at a young age. In 2012, the music star approached Ferrari asking for a special model that could bring back fond memories of his youth.

As we know Ferrari rarely accepts such requests but in the face of the desire of such a famous – and rich – man it certainly could not hold back: at the time the flagship car of the brand was the 458 Italia and in fact, it was born on the chassis of that car. the special car number twelve of Maranello.

I wanted it faster!

Eric Clapton he personally commissioned the beautiful Ferrari SP-12 EPC – the last three letters are the initials of the singer’s name, middle name and surname if you notice – so that he would remember as much as possible the 512BB he drove as a young man, without losing his grit of a modern supercar. The works began and ended in the same year as the commission: in the end, the project came to cost around one million Euros, which did not worry Clapton at all!

The car is mechanically identical to the 458 Italia but the aesthetics are completely different: you can see for yourself which and how much changes have been applied to the Red to remember as much as possible the historic Italian berlinetta including an added air intake and a side band in contrasting color. The guide? The steering wheel is strictly on the right!

Flying Irons 30_07_2022 Quattromania
The Ferrari SP-12 EPC is a masterpiece of its kind (Al Volante)

In short, a successful project. Well, up to a point: Clapton stated that he initially requested a V12 engine for his supercar, which is unfortunately impossible according to the engineers at Maranello who explained to the guitarist that the small size of the engine compartment they did not allow this modification. Problems for the rich!

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