Multiple desktops in Windows 10 and 11

Especially when you work with a single monitor and do several projects at the same time, it is useful to use multiple virtual desktops. This way you can easily organize your tasks and increase your productivity, without having to invest in an extra screen. After all, you are no longer distracted by all kinds of open tabs.

Add new desktop

Adding a new virtual desktop to your desktop is very easy, and is pretty much the same in both versions of Windows. Click on the icon in the menu bar Task view. It looks like two rectangles (black and white) overlapping each other in Windows 11, or like three rectangular shapes (until you mouse over them) in Windows 10.

Now you immediately see an overview of all your open windows. Then click at the bottom right (Windows 11) or at the top left (Windows 10) on New desktop and you can start working.

Another way to get to this screen is to simultaneously press the Windows button + Tab to press. Would you rather directly add a new desktop? Then use the following key combination: Windows button + Ctrl + D. There is no limit to the amount of desktops you can add.

Switch between desktops

Switching between different desktops is also easy and can be done in different ways. To do this, you can go back to the menu bar with the task view button, where you can choose which desktop to use. To do this faster, you can use the following key combinations: Windows button + Ctrl + left arrow key and Windows button + Ctrl + right arrow key.

With this you switch to the desktop that you have to the left or right of your current desktop. So it’s handy that you know the right order.

Besides the fact that you can now work on multiple desktops, it is also possible to drag your tasks to your different desktops. Again, you use the task view button for this. Through drag and drop simply drag a tab from one virtual desktop to another.

As you can see, it is very easy to use this feature in Windows 10 and 11. When you use the task view button, you can also see at a glance what you have open. This way you can easily keep an overview and work more efficiently.