Mujjo MagSafe Leather Wallet Case: Premium design with some sophisticated aspects

MagSafe Full Leather Wallet

Mujjo’s latest cases are luxury leather wallet cases for the iPhone 14 line that work with MagSafe chargers. However, credit card users beware.

Released in January, the Full Leather MagSafe Wallet Cases are made from vegetable-tanned Ecco leather, which is certified gold for environmental standards. They have metal buttons for better responsiveness and “clickability” compared to plastic buttons or openings in the case.

A one millimeter raised bezel around the screen and camera protects them from scratches on surfaces. And the inside of the case is lined with Japanese microfiber with a soft finish to protect your iPhone.

Precision holes for the Lightning port, speaker and microphone on the bottom of the phone provide another layer of protection provided by the case, with another cutout for the mute switch.

Mujjo MagSafe Full Leather Wallet

The card storage space on the back of the case allows it to be used as a wallet. While Mujjo says it can hold three cards, it won’t fit one.

While this tightness will prevent cards from falling out, in real life it only fits one card. And for thicker cards, like the Apple Card, it can get stuck, as we’ve found. This has also been an issue with Mujjo iPhone 13 cases.

To test if the skin stretches for more comfortable use, people may need to insert two cards into a wallet slot and leave for a few days. Just be sure to have pliers on hand.

The wallet is more suitable for cash users because pulling the card out causes it to collide with the camera and requires dexterity to remove it. So while you and the cashier are trying to make a purchase, people may be lining up while you are trying to pull your card.

However, despite the wallet, the case did not interfere with MagSafe charging as long as there was no card in it.

Bumping into a bump

Bumping into a bump

Removing the case was tricky due to its tough interior, but we managed to get it off after a few tries, praying the screen didn’t crack. But in most other respects, it’s a beautiful, luxurious case.

MagSafe Full Leather Wallet Pros

Nice skin Soft interior MagSafe support

MagSafe Full Leather Wallet Case Cons

Difficult to remove cards

Rating: 3 out of 5

Where to Buy Mujjo Full Leather MagSafe Wallet Case

Mujjo sells a leather MagSafe Wallet Case and other items on its website. This particular case is priced at $69 ($59), although it can sometimes be found on sale.

Mujjo MagSafe Leather Wallet Case: Premium design with some sophisticated aspects