Forspoken’s demo is now also available for PC

Take a weekend in Athia before you move there.

A while ago, Playstation players had the great joy(?) to test Foreshadowed in the form of a demo. Reactions were generally quite negative, but Square Enix actually took the criticism on board and later released an update to the demo that fixed various technical issues, adjusted the text size, and added the ability to customize the controls.

PC players were initially left without, but now the demo has also been released for PC on, among other things Steam and Epic Games Store. And if you are interested in the game, it may be worth trying, because the system requirements are really juicy and can bring your computer to its knees.

As you know, the finished game has been out since yesterday, and the reviews are quite mixed. Wakkaah also took a turn in the game, and probably wasn’t too impressed. FZ is also supposed to review the game, but got the review code very late. The review will therefore come as soon as it is ready.