Finally – Football Manager 23 will be released soon for Playstation 5

Playstation 5 version of Football Manager 2023 finally got a release date. On February 1, sheep FM23 Console finally debuting, just over two months later than the other versions.

Just a week before its intended launch last November, the game was delayed, which had to do with the process of getting the game approved for release on Sony’s platform. But now the problem should be out of the world, and PS Plus subscribers will get a 20 percent discount if they buy the game by February 14th. Which should be similar to what applied before the delay.

SI Games writes you let go as soon as possible, even though it collides with open transfer windows. But it will be compensated with a free transfer update.

While it’s unusual for us to release during a transfer window, our priority from the moment our initial launch was postponed was to get the game to you as soon as possible. We’d normally wait for all windows to be closed globally but your questions and comments on our socials and forums made it clear that this was the right decision. Once all global transfer windows are closed, we will be providing a free transfer update to all PlayStation 5 players in the coming weeks.

FZ reviewed the PC version of FM23, and then gave it a rating of 3. Praise for a very solid foundation, but scold for a lack of new content. Read the review.