Fallout – The Frontier modders are planning a large-scale rework

Fallout - The Frontier overhaul project

The team of modders responsible for modifying The Frontier for Fallout: New Vegas announced plans to completely overhaul one of the quest lines. The head of the Tgspy project announced this in the official blog.

After the release of the mod, players criticized the storyline associated with the New California Republic (NCR): when choosing this faction, users received a linear adventure with an emphasis on shooting, as well as separate missions that break the lore of the game. In particular, in one of the missions, the character went into space. In addition, the storyline was full of sexual innuendo and dirty jokes. For example, the girl May (one of the characters) constantly mentioned sex in the conversation and tried to sell the porn hero to the hero.

In addition to reworking the NCR storyline, modders promise to fix content that players have called unacceptable. In the revised version, it will no longer be possible to take a young girl into slavery, and the infamous death claw sex scene will be removed.

The Frontier was released in January 2021. The development of the mod has been carried out since 2016. The events of the unofficial add-on take place in Portland – the developers offer players three storylines, which will take more than 15 hours to complete. Shortly after the release, access to the mod was blocked due to the artist’s allegations of pedophilia.