Download Minecraft PE 2021 free on android: lush caves

Download Minecraft PE 2021 with working Xbox Live on Android and explore huge caves with stalactites and stalagmites!

What’s interesting in Minecraft PE 2021?

It should be noted right away that in the upcoming version of Minecraft PE 2021, players will a huge number of memorable new products, interesting biomes, mobs, items, even a modified generation of caves:

For example, some interesting locations include Lush caves, caves with stalactites, depths that serve as a haven for a dangerous monster.

That is, each user will find in the update what he likes the most and will become the highlight of the version.

The main thing is that in addition to the changes made, Mojang Studios also improve performance and stability… Thanks to this, it will become much more comfortable and convenient to play!


In the Minecraft PE 2021 update, users can see as many as four new biomes.

Each of them is unique and interesting in its own way, and also has its own distinctive features.

For example, the lush caves are completely dotted with various plants, bushes, trees.

It is in this location that we should expect the emergence of new berries, as noted by the developers themselves.

In the depths, it is better not just to be alone, because this place serves as a haven for terrible creatures and a strong boss Varden.

In addition to the fact that the depths are poorly lit, here and there you can stumble upon cheekbones that give away your location to enemies.

The caves with stalactites and stalagmites are also quite dangerous. First of all, because in Minecraft PE 2021, they form fragile clusters from a drip.

Such growths are located on the floor and ceiling of the caves, from which staying there constantly keeps you in suspense.

Be careful if these clusters fall on you – you can take half your health.


In another way, they are also called an acoustic sensor. However, this does not change the essence of the block itself.

So, in Minecraft PE 2021, they help Warden determine your location in deep caves.

It is best not to interact with the sensors in any way and bypass them.

But, if you are still not lucky enough to get into the room with them, just move slowly, without making unnecessary soundsand then you will be safe!


Peaceful amphibians living in water areas in Minecraft PE 2021. They are absolutely friendly, so the player should not worry about their safety if such mobs are nearby.

Despite their peacefulness towards the user, Axolotls will try to attack such characters as: drowned man, fish, octopus.

Download Minecraft 2021

Download the latest version of Minecraft PE 2021 on your android device with a working xbox live:, play with cheekbones, new caves and mobs!