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Acefast Crystal (2) T8 Touch Control Headphones

Standard wireless headphones can become a mundane technique, devoid of individuality. If you are tired of boring white or black headphones, pay attention to the catchy Acefast Crystal (2) T8.

When you’re one of the many who use wireless headphones on a daily basis, the predictable colors that belong to the masses can start to look dull and gloomy. The Acefast T8 Wireless Headphones will add visual interest to match your creative personality. This is if you want to stand out with lighting effects.

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 Headphones – Design

The Acefast T8 earphones have an attractive transparent design, and the inside of the earbuds and the charging case are visible. You have six glowing colors to choose from such as pink lotus, ice blue and mint green.

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 shows battery percentage on charging case

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 shows battery percentage on charging case

Headphone lights flash when activated or connected via Bluetooth. The charging case features a mesmerizing breathing light and shows the battery percentage in flashing numbers from 99% and up. It lets you know when the battery is 100% charged by displaying the word OK.

The earbuds don’t have the curved shape of more ergonomic earbuds like the AirPods Pro. However, it was tight enough not to fall out during weight training at Apple FitnessPlus.

These earbuds are sweat and rain resistant and come with a carrying case for active users. These features make it practical for commuting and on rainy days.

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 headphones – features

When you take the earbuds out of the charging case, they turn on automatically. The earbuds are touch sensitive, so you can tap to adjust the volume and playback while listening to music, and tap to answer, reject or end a call.

Acefast Crystal (2) T8: transparent case and headphones with lighting effects

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 (in Moon White): Transparent case and headphones with lighting effects.

These earphones were tested during an hour-long phone call and they performed well, delivering clear sound and no connection issues. The Bluetooth wireless range is up to 100 feet and the sound will start to cut out when approaching the distance limit.

Battery life was decent. Acefast claims they’ll give you up to 7 hours on a full charge and up to 30 hours when used with a charging case.

Despite clean vocals, instrumental sounds were mediocre when listening to music. They had decent bass, but the mids and highs were flat and didn’t sound as good and balanced as other budget headphones like the Tozo NC9.

Acefast Crystal (2) T8: what's in the box

The Acefast Crystal (2) T8 earphones come with extra ear pads, a strap case and a USB-C charging cable.

What has affected the sound quality of these headphones is that they are not equipped with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Because of this, you won’t have a truly immersive music listening experience.

You can still turn up the volume despite the lack of ANC. The volume can be so loud that you can listen to music while chewing on potato chips. The key to a better music listening experience is a proper fit to your ear, and these earbuds come with different sizes of eartips for that.

The Acefast Crystal T8 headphones are not the best for music, but provide clear voice and stable wireless connectivity. Lighting effects are not for everyone, but they can be a great gift for those who love vibrant colors and dazzling light.

Pros of Acefast Crystal (2) T8 headphones

Very loud maximum volume Microphone provides clear sound during calls Decent battery life Responsive touch controls Fast and stable Bluetooth connection Colorful breathing light effects Comes with a carrying case

Cons of Acefast Crystal (2) T8 headphones

No noise cancellation Mediocre music performance

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Where can I buy

You can get Acefast Crystal (2) T8 headphones directly from their website. They sell for $99.99 but are currently on sale for $69.99.