Apple has stopped signing iOS 16.4.1

Following the release of iOS 16.5 on May 18, Apple stopped signing iOS 16.4.1, a previously available version of iOS. iPhone users will no longer be able to downgrade to older versions of the software.

Apple usually stops signing older versions of iOS after new releases to encourage users to keep their operating systems up to date, so it’s not unusual for iOS 16.4 to no longer be signed.

Released on April 7, iOS 16.4.1 was a minor bug-fix update that was released a little less than two weeks after iOS 16.4 was released, with new emoji, Safari web notifications, voice isolation for phone calls, and more. .

iOS 16.5, the current public version of the system, fixes some important bugs and adds several features, including a dedicated Sports tab in Apple News and Pride Collection wallpapers for lock screens (not available in the Russian region). The company is also testing iOS 16.6 among developers and public beta testers.

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