Aliens: Dark Descent, gold, the tactical action game offers 5 minutes of gameplay

Unveiled in June 2022 on the occasion of the Summer Game Fest, Aliens: Dark Descent will be released a year later, in a few weeks. But players can already be reassured, the developer Tindalos Interactive and the editor Focus Entertainment announced a few days ago that the title is gold.

Aliens: Dark Descent will therefore be on time next month and, to wait, the studios have shared very recently a new video focusing on the gameplay of their title. As a reminder, the game will mix action and real-time strategy, players will command a team of Marines in isometric view, who will have to explore an alien planet unfortunately inhabited by Xenomorphs… The developers detail all this:

Aliens: Dark Descent features an all-new narrative campaign filled with intense moments, terrifying revelations, and situations that call for player strategy. As you explore, you’ll progress through an intricate story as you try to unlock the secrets of Planet Lethe. Recruit, upgrade, and command your squad of Marines in real-time with intuitive keyboard-mouse and gamepad controls. Your Marines are controlled as a single unit and each order given is automatically assigned to the soldier best suited to the situation based on their skills or equipment. If the Xenomorph threat becomes overwhelming, players can slow down time at any time and focus on their tactical decisions.

Marines are equipped to alter their environment and face many enemies. The flamethrower, for example, can be used to seal off corridors and block enemy paths. Suppressive fire is good at slowing them down and turrets at resisting group attacks, but keep an eye on your resources.

Each run is unique, as Xenomorphs adapt to player behaviors and actions and any changes made to the environment will persist from mission to mission. Managing stress and team health is just as important as achieving goals, because in the dark and unforgiving universe of Aliens: Dark Descent, death is permanent and anyone who falls in battle is lost for ever. Good.

After each mission, players return to their ship, the Otago, where they can heal and recruit Marines or research and develop new technologies to improve their gear. With 5 classes of Marines available, assign a role to each member of your squad and build a stronger team as you battle iconic creatures from the Alien universe.

Aliens: Dark Descent release date set for June 20, 2023 on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, you can pre-order it for €35.99 (-10%) on Gamesplanetand thus obtain the Lethe Recon Pack.

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