After Rebel Moon: Zack Snyder’s Next Project Explores France’s Controversial Military Force

Culture news After Rebel Moon on Netflix, Zack Snyder wants to make a series on the most controversial military force in France


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After Rebel Moon, Zack Snyder will take care of producing his son Eli's first television series.


After Rebel Moon, Zack Snyder still has work to do. The director is busy, with his wife Deborah, in the production of a new television series through his company The Stone Quarry. The production will instead be entrusted to their son, Eli. Titled Until the Last One and based at AGC Television, the action will unfold in six one-hour episodes and will follow a drama about the French Foreign Legion; the viewer will discover more particularly the epic tale of a British deserter found two decades after fleeing his mercenary service. Unfortunately, he is forced to return with the new recruits to the heart of danger.

The story, according to one description, will look more broadly at “the violence and politics of the globe's hot spots where the Legion is sent to fight, as well as the emotional histories and scars borne by its recruits.” There is no doubt that the series will probably be talked about, the Foreign Legion being infamous for its criminal members.

Working with Eli, whose growth and evolution as a filmmaker has been so exciting to watch. This is a great storyline about this secret world that we can't wait for audiences to dive into – Deborah and Zack Snyder

We believe that Eli's distinctive vision as a director and the powerful international thriller story (from showrunner Matthew Parkhill) make this series a unique and attractive project for the international market – Lourdes Diaz, Creative Director of AGC Studios

For the moment, the casting and start date have not yet been set for this project which will mark Eli Snyder's television debut as a director.

Zack Snyder's projects

For now, Snyder is still focused on his saga Rebel Moon, whose Part 2: The Slasher, is about to be released, on April 19 precisely on Netflix. The ultimate opportunity to reunite with the character of Kora, played by Boutella, and the surviving warriors, who are preparing for an epic confrontation. The reviews for the first act are quite average, but expectations remain high, with the director also having to publish a director's cut of the first film. At the same time, the director also recently shared his desire to offer a definitive cut of the adventures of Babydoll, star of the film Sucker Punch, the reviews of which were also very mixed. The director already has the rushes he needs in hand: “I've already shot the sequences: they just have to let me put them together. We ask sometimes. We have to ask again. (…) Given the success of previous fan initiatives, we may one day see Zack Snyder's enhanced version of Sucker Punch.”

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