A fan created Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village in Skyrim and showed how she looks

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For a new mod was released, in which the author with the nickname Nyehehe tried to recreate the appearance of Lady Dimitrescu from.

Nyehehe used several other modifications at once to make the Skyrim version of Lady Dimitrescu look more authentic.

At the same time, the modder noted that he knows about all the inaccuracies that are visible in his work.

You can download the Lady Dimitrescu skin mod for Skyrim Special Edition here.

Recall that quite recently, another modder added a race of witchers from the The Witcher series of games to Skyrim. So, for example, a new character received a number of new abilities and became 2-3 times stronger.

As for Lady Dimitrescu, we previously reported about a new collectible figure of this character, with which, by the way, you can take off all your clothes.


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