Volvo, the DIY supercar with stellar value: a prized piece with over 400 horsepower [Video]

And who said that Volvo cars are peaceful and not very sporty? Look at what they have combined with this classic model, they have transformed it into a beast with over 400 horsepower, the images speak for themselves.


We must be very careful to bring up banal stereotypes even when it comes to cars. Volvo, for example, is a house that for years has been accused by the “pop culture” of producing cars that are as safe as you want … but without of that pinch of panache more that can be found, for example, on an Alfa Romeo or Jaguar sedan. We allow ourselves to disagree …

Remember the Volvo P1800? A car that lives up to this stereotype as a model has traveled millions of kilometers, even outliving its first owner. This pleasantly designed car came out in the sixties, remaining in production until the seventies and contributing massively to the spread of the Volvo brand throughout Europe.

Today the P1800 is a collector’s car but does not reach particularly exciting prices. Or rather, none reaches them except this one which has a stellar value. This is the classic “sleeper” or a car to which in traffic you would not give a Euro but that is perfectly capable of gobbling up your supercar if you decide to race one on one.

Who wants to be a millionaire

Today’s car is one Volvo P1800 Cyan, special edition set up by Polestar that for the uninitiated is the Volvo sports department which is also producing its first electric car in this period. The car pays homage to the historic color of the Volvo cars of the sixties and seventies but this is not what makes it stand out so much on the road.

The Polestar engineers with some interventions here and there on the engine, brakes, bodywork etc. have made a superb tuning: the car is equipped with a 4-cylinder turbo engine capable of delivering the beauty of 420 horses for a declared maximum speed of over 270 kilometers per hour and a deadlift from 0 to 100 in 4 seconds flat. A big step up from the approximately 100 horsepower of the original P1800…

The Drive Volvo 29_07_2022 Quattromania
Volvo P1800 Cyan, a cyan lightning bolt (The Drive)

The only flaw of the car, it lacks several safety systems, including ABS. But how, wasn’t the Volvo the safe car for self-confident people? This particular car is a special edition and is not cheap. The price to grab it in the United States is around 700,000 Dollars, a figure more or less equivalent how much it would cost you in Euros. Basically, the cost of a house!

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