Update for Debian 12.5 and 11.9

Formed The fifth corrective update of the Debian 12 distribution, which includes accumulated package updates and adds fixes to the installer. The release includes 68 updates to fix stability issues and 42 updates to fix vulnerabilities. Among the changes in Debian 12.5, we can note the update to the latest stable versions of the dpdk, mariadb, postfix, qemu, systemd and xen packages. Added support for compressed kernel modules to cryptsetup-initramfs.

Installation kits have been prepared for downloading and installing from scratch. assemblies from Debian 12.5. Previously installed systems that are kept up to date receive the updates included in Debian 12.5 through the standard update installation system. Security fixes included in new Debian releases are made available to users as updates are released through security.debian.org.


Simultaneously available a new release of the previous stable branch of Debian 11.9, which includes 70 stability updates and 92 vulnerability updates. The dpdk, mariadb-10.5, nvidia-graphics-drivers, postfix, postgresql-13 packages have been updated to the latest stable versions. The generation of updates to eliminate vulnerabilities for the chromium, tor, consul and xen packages, as well as the samba components that ensure the operation of the domain controller, has been stopped. The gimp-dds package, the contents of which are included in the main package of GIMP 2.10, has been removed from the repository.

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