Unlocking Honkai Star Rail: April 2024’s Active Codes for Stellar Jades and Traveler’s Guides

News tip Honkai Star Rail Codes: Stellar Jades, Traveler's Guides… All active codes for the month of April 2024


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There is a redeem code system in Honkai Star Rail, which allows you to collect rewards for free. Here is the list of these redemption codes which will be kept up to date, so remember to add it to your favorites!


What are the new redemption codes on Honkai Star Rail?

In view of the codes which arrive rather frequently on Honkai Star Rail, we provide you with this page, which will be updated with each new redeem code which will be made available by the developers. On the program, you will be able to find Stellar Jadesof the credits but also objects that will allow you to improve your characters, such as Adventure Journals and food.

Here is the list of codes that are still active in April:

  • ST3SHPNLNTN3 – 50 Stellar Jades, 10,000 credits
  • MOREPEACH – 3 Traveler’s Guides, 2 “Acid Dream” candies
  • 0327CARNIVAL – 5000 credits, 2 “Acid Dream” candies
  • HSR1YEAR – 5000 credits, “All in all”
  • STARRAILGIFT – 100 Stellar Jades, 4 Traveler's Guides, 5 sodas, 50,000 credits

Old codes now obsolete

Most codes are time-limited. Here is the list of the latest codes which are no longer valid. Just like the list of active codes, this will be frequently updated. :

  • 3SRN6L3AADLK – Expired date
  • YTRN743TSUL7 – Expired date
  • 2S8N6M3ATV6T – Expired date
  • PUMPPOWER – Expired date
Honkai Star Rail Codes: Stellar Jades, Traveler's Guides... All active codes for the month of April 2024
Honkai Star Rail Codes: Stellar Jades, Traveler's Guides... All active codes for the month of April 2024

Meeting on this page, which will allow you to enter the redemption codes. Log in and choose the server you are on (Europe theoretically), which will normally bring up the name of the character you created, and copy one of your codes on the 3rd line. Validate and you will find the rewards linked to the code in your in-game mailbox.

If you prefer, you can also enter the code directly in-game. To do this, open your menu phone and press the “…” located at the top right of your avatar. Then choose “Redeem Codes”. You can then copy the code(s) and validate them to collect the rewards directly in your mailbox.

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