The Most Anticipated Game of the Year on a Gaming Platform, Despite Being Developed by a Solo Developer

Game news A single developer, yet this game is the most anticipated of the year on Steam


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The most anticipated Steam game arrives this April 26, 2024. Prepare to become a lord of the Middle Ages and manage your village and your lands. Early access is only a short time away, so come and find out what we think about it in our JV Fast!


Manor Lords, a management game set in the Middle Ages, is one of the most anticipated PC titles of the year. Present in a lot of Steam Wishlists, it is released this April 26 in early access. Beautiful, well optimized, the game's sole developer has surpassed himself in this ultra-detailed village management. Our journalists tested it, we tell you about it in this JV Fast.

A unique experience

The graphics are the first thing that jumps out at you. Here, a real demonstration is offered to us: the settings are beautiful, detailed and there are no technical problems! Indeed, no lag, no crash, the game runs perfectly while being visually magnificent.

This simulation doesn't stop at the visuals. The action of each NPC is carefully transcribed: when building a house, for example, each plank appears one by one, depending on the movements of the workers. This adds to the realism already very present in the game. We can walk around our village, which allows us to appreciate our work much more closely, for our greatest pleasure, but also for immersion.

Certain details can be frightening or create misunderstanding at first. For example, logs are different from wood. Where the first is used for heating during the winter, the second is used to construct buildings. More realistic details, which add to an already very enjoyable gaming experience.

Isn't it too quiet?

Creating buildings, managing resources, farming, it's calm and relaxing. But is there something more… “chivalrous” in this game? Well yes ! As lord of these lands, you must protect them. To manage your army, you will need your citizens. If the combat is rather limited at the moment, it is only because it is early access. Some weapons arrive, for example bows. These fights are still a little long, not to say that they last forever. The units either have a lot of health or just don't do enough damage, which is a bit of a shame.

A single developer, yet this game is the most anticipated of the year on Steam

Finally, a morale system spices up your gameplay. In combat, as in the village, your citizens must feel good to perform better. Each of your actions will affect this index, so make the right decisions and reign supreme in these lands. There are of course many other features to explore, but if you want to learn more, you will have to go back to the top of this article and watch our video. Until next time, for another JV Fast!