The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road – Writing theory doesn't sound exciting, unless Daedra are in the game!

Ax throwing, alchemy workshop, jousting games, cosplay competition, exciting developer panels or simply drinking a few beers with like-minded people in the stylish tavern: the start of the festivities for the 10th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls Online in the sold-out Sugarfactory in Amsterdam was a complete success. But the makers of the successful MMORPG have a lot more planned, as the birthday celebrations will last a full 15 months and other on-site events will take place around the world.

The reason for the almost Guinness Book-worthy duration is quickly explained: The Elder Scrolls Online was released for the PC in April 2014, the console versions only in June of the following year. Even in the anniversary year, MMO fans can rely on the developers at ZeniMax Online Studios around TESO mastermind Matt Firor and look forward to fresh content.


The current roadmap for Elder Scrolls Online.

Like every year, a new expansion appears punctually in June. This time the adventures take you to the Westauen, an area that you may remember from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This brings the developers one step closer to their goal of uniting all of Tamriel in the MMO. I've already been able to play The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road for a few hours, accept the first quests in the capital Skingrad and try out the brand new game system, Scripture.

It doesn't really matter in which order you play the expansions. If you have perhaps taken a longer break, you can also jump into Gold Road straight away without the content of the previous chapters such as Summerset. Having played Greymoor, Blackwood or High Isle. The opponents are always adapted to your level, so you don't have to worry about not being up to a challenge. But if you want to follow the now very complex story, then take the time and play at least the last expansion, Necrom, until June.

The dark adventures on the Telvanno Peninsula, home of the Dark Elves, in the realm of oblivion Apocrypha and the Endless Library not only show a completely different side of the MMO, the Arcanist also introduces a new class that has been one of my absolute favorites ever since . Necrom ends with a cliffhanger that is picked up again in Gold Road. But even if you don't master Necrom, you won't be at a disadvantage and all quests in Gold Road are available without restrictions.

Your opponent in Gold Road is the Daedric Prince Ithelia, who has the power to shape fate according to her wishes. She was once banished by Hermaeus Mora, who played an important role in Necrom, and other Daedric princes. Even all of Ithelia's memories were erased. Now the terrible princess reappears and it is up to you and your allies to counter the threat.


My first stops on the main quest took me to the diverse biomes of the western floodplains. In addition to the lively capital of Skingrad, I was also able to roam around the rocky highlands and the ever-expanding jungle of Valenwald that had emerged overnight. As always, my biggest problem was not accepting every quest that was offered to me, but rather concentrating on the essentials.

It's actually a shame, because I love listening to the stories of the NPCs and completing the often convoluted side quests with surprising twists. In my opinion, hardly any other MMO offers such interesting side quests that go far beyond the usual collecting and wasting time. In any case, you will get to know many new characters, explore stylish landscapes and fight against new monsters. According to the developers, there will be a total of six extensive quest series in which the story is told.

One of these quest series introduces you to the new game system of teaching writing, which unfortunately I was only able to get a brief impression of. With the writing lesson you can individualize your character's skills and expand them according to your preferred style of play. For example, if you have the Shield Throwing skill, additional effects can be added with collectible writings.

If you want your shield throw to transform your magician into Captain America and be able to hit multiple targets at the same time, or if you want one hit to unbalance your opponents, then unlock these options. In order to be able to use the new skill permanently, you still need a magic ink. It is not yet known to what extent you can find these, earn them or perhaps buy them in the Crown Shop. In any case, the system offers a lot of opportunities to develop your character individually and I'm excited to see what else I can teach my arcanist.

In addition to more than 30 hours of new story content with countless quests and the exciting customization of your skills through scripture, you can also expect fresh endgame activities. In the Luminite Citadel test, you join forces in squads of 12 players and set off in search of the mysterious Crux. You can certainly imagine that powerful opponents await you and without perfect teamwork there will be no rewards that will only be distributed at the end.

There will also be a new world event: In the Mirrormoor Advance, you must repel the ever-increasing waves of Daedric invaders that are invading the Western Floodplains. Before you embark on your adventure in June, you should definitely get the quest “Prisoners of Fate”, the prologue to Gold Road, which is free for all players, in the Crown Shop.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road will be released on June 3rd for PC and Mac, and June 18th for Playstation and Xbox.