Thaïs d’Escufon, the former spokesperson for an identity generation, attacked and kidnapped in Lyon

Thaïs d’Escufon, former spokesperson for the far-right movement Génération Identitaire recently dissolved in the Council of Ministers, said on social networks to have “missed experiencing the worst“. Indeed, the Toulousaine has assured to have been”kidnapped for half an hour by a migrant of Tunisian origin who sought to rape me“.

On her Telegram channel, the 22-year-old testified: “he broke into my house when I had my headphones on, I did not hear him arrive behind my back. It all happened so quickly, he closed the door and took the key I had put in the lock. I found myself alone with this man, locked up“.

He asks me if he has a chance with me, I tell him no. He wants to kiss me, I struggle, at one point he manages to brush my lips. I cry, I tell him to go. He tells me to wait, that he’s going to ask me something but I’m in a panic, he holds my wrists. Holding my wrists, he makes me sit on the beanbag next to the door, I tell him to leave and he tells me to suck him. And there, panicked, I cry even more, I am terrified. He lets go, I jump up, I manage to open the strike on the door and push him outside, he goes left and I close quickly“, she continued.

A little later, Thaïs d’Escufon decided to file a complaint. She also published part of the minutes on social networks to support her arguments. Contacted by Release, the alleged victim indicated that the facts did not occur in Toulouse but in a city where she has her habits.

Also according to the national daily, the complaint was filed in Lyon in the wake. The public prosecutor thus confirmed that “an investigation was opened by the Lyon public prosecutor’s office on the counts of sexual assault, home invasion and sexual harassment and was entrusted to the departmental security of the Rhône“.


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