Skyrim: Beware – This NPC is more dangerous than you think

The NPCs in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim are gruff and constantly talk about arrows in knees. However, not all of them are as innocent as they seem at first glance. One player now unmasks a real villain.

Skyrim: NPC immediately seizes his chance

The NPCs are probably one of the greatest strengths of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Although there are far too few of them (there are perhaps 200 people living in the whole of Skyrim), they were bursting with personality. Reddit user Huge_Best_World_Hero has now discovered that Whiterun resident Ysolda also has a dark side.


Admittedly, the player himself does not really have a clean slate. His video starts with him shooting an arrow into the landlady of the flagged mare. However, Ysolda wastes no time in to mourn the death. She immediately runs behind the counter and a few seconds later starts handing out drinks. It's ice cold.

Skyrim: Bethesda has a plan B

Ysolda has great ambitions. The player usually meets her in the marketplace of Whiterun, where she dreams of to one day take over the flagged mareApparently she has little patience and seizes the opportunity to take over as soon as she gets it.

However, the merchant is also the plan B for two other shops in the city. Should Belethor or Anoriath pass away during the game, Ysolda will immediately step in. A clever way for Bethesda to to keep important businesses like the general store openif their owners ever encounter a dragon or a bloodthirsty dragonborn. But it also has the positive side effect that even rather unimportant NPCs, who are not connected to a major quest, are given a personality.