Inkle announces new game set in 1920s girls’ school, releasing in 2024

Inkle, the renowned developer behind such stellar adventure titles as 80 Days, Heaven's Vault, and Overboard!, and which released the original 2D platformer A Highland Song late last year, announced their highly anticipated next title over the weekend, Miss Mulligatawney's School for Promising Girls (working title), revealing that they are developing a new adventure set at a girls' school and its boarding house in 1922.

At the moment, the official name and specific details of “Miss Mulligatawney's School for Promising Girls” are unknown, but it will depict the school's efforts as Miss Mulligatawney, who runs a girls' school, recruits promising girls and guides them to success through a first-class education that includes Latin, geometry, and sports. It has also been revealed that the game is scheduled to be released as a new PC game later this year.


In addition,SteamThe page includes a brochure for the school, which was converted from an old convent, with details such as the senior prefect who guides the students, the rose window in the main tower where the library is located, and Principal Mulligatawney's stuffed owl “PEAKY,” creating great anticipation for further updates.

According to Inkle, future plans include a release for iOS and Nintendo Switch.
It is also scheduled to be released on various digital platforms.