Skull and Bones: Fix Your Ship and Discover the Repair Kit Blueprint

Did your ship suffer in battle in Skull and Bones and even lose maximum health? Then you will need repair kits to repair it again or you will have to get rid of the red part of the hull health bar. You can find out how you can unlock the blueprint for the repair set and also repair your ships in our guide.

Get repair kits and construction plans

After the introduction to Skull and Bones you end up in Sainte-Anne and have to talk to John Scurlock. Then you complete missions for the shipbuilder, the carpenter and the blacksmith. Meanwhile you will repair kits as a reward receive.


Another option for obtaining repair kits is available to you looting other ships. Once you have a telescope, you can examine the ships from a distance and see what you can loot if you attack them. Remember that you get better rewards from boarding than from sinking.

There are different repair kits at Skull and Bones. For example, you unlock the repair kit when you complete the main mission “Not Welcome on Board” for the blacksmith. With this patch kit you can remove all status effects from your ship. There are also different levels within the repair kits.

The repair set, which you can use to repair your ship at sea in an emergency, starts with repair set I. You will gradually unlock better versions of the set. The Blueprint for repair kit I you can buy it from the Zimmerman after you have been led there through the main quest. So follow the story and get the blueprint as quickly as you can.

The blueprint for the repair kit I costs you 20 silver and once you have bought it you can at the carpenter's make the simple sets. To do this, go to production and select the last tab there. For the first set you need:


1x Scrap Metal1x Looted Wood

Use and boost repair kits

With Repair Kit I you can increase the hull condition by 6,000. This means you restore 6,000 health to your ship. With the next better repair set II you restore 18,000 hull condition and so on. To use the repair kit and heal your ship, you can place on the quick selection or via the selection wheel access it.

Here you will see the button with which you can use the repair kit from the selection wheel after you have selected it. At this point in the picture you can see which quick access button the item is on. Here you can see how much health your ship has regained the use of healing.

But make sure that the… Repair kits have a cooldown. For example, in the case of Repair Kit I, you have to wait 20 seconds before you can use it again.

To get the most out of your repair kits, we recommend that you learn about cooking and individual recipes. Some dishes also improve your repair kits. With the Trondra Gasy, for example, you can Increase the efficiency of a set by 15%.

Repair ship and restore maximum health

If you miscalculate and lose a battle, your ship will sink. Not only do you have to collect your loot again at your breaking point, your ship also loses some of its maximum durability or hull condition. But that can be remedied right from the start in Sainte-Anne.

No, you don't have to have a new ship built for this. Just interact with the anchor, which you also use to set sail, and Select “Repair” from the menu. Depending on the condition of the ship, it will cost you a small or large amount of coins. But a good pirate should have enough of that anyway.

We got the information while playing the Demo of Skull & Bones collected. As soon as we have the full version, we will check that the information is correct.