Samsung wants to copy the brain’s neuron map and paste it into a 3D chip

Samsung wants to copy the brain's neuron map and paste it into a 3D chip

It is about so-called reverse engineering, where you start from what something looks like and then copy it and Samsung’s goal is to produce a chip that acts more like the human brain by copying the neuron structure. By copying how the neurons are connected and how strong different connections are, you want to create a map that is pasted into a 3D chip, reports Engadget.

In this way, it is hoped to be able to take a shortcut to make AI function as human brains and in the same way be able to learn new concepts and adapt to changing conditions.


But the method is not simple – a human brain has about 100 billion neurons with a thousand times more synaptic links, which means that a chip would need about 100 billion memory units. So even though it may be a path towards more human-functioning AI, it is still a long way off.



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