Remember the old rivalry between Apple and Microsoft? This video from 2006 will remind you

Do you remember when Apple and Microsoft had a serious public rivalry? Apple was the underdog, known for its innovative designs and user-friendly interfaces, while Microsoft was the giant, better known for its widespread adoption and associated practicality.

This WWDC 2006 video of Steve Jobs and Bertrand Serlet toasting the resemblance of Windows to Mac OS will certainly refresh your memory of just how bitter that old corporate rivalry was. And, in case you’re wondering, this was before the iPhone, when Apple was still an underdog and their main product lines were the iPod and Mac.

Can you imagine something similar today with the WWDC keynote? There is simply no motivation as the rivalry between the two companies seems to be gone. In the battle between PCs and Macs, the iPhone won – Microsoft doesn’t even make Windows phones anymore (unfortunately, the smartphone duopoly could use some competition).

fun to find in bold fireballwhich indicates that Bertrand Serlet is now a Microsoft employee, which still seems like a loss of talent for Apple.