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Putin demanded to increase the production of military equipment and improve its characteristics

Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a meeting with members of the Coordinating Council under the government to meet the needs of the Armed Forces (AF), demanded not only to increase the amount of military equipment produced, but also to improve its characteristics. His words lead TASS.

It is important not only to increase the volume and range of supplies, but also to improve the quality characteristics of products, which is why the direct connection between manufacturers of design centers and those who use this technique is so important.

Vladimir Putin President of Russia

The head of the Russian state indicated that during the meeting he hopes to hear about how the mentioned mechanism works.

Work coordination

According to the president, the work of the coordinating council to meet the needs of the Russian Armed Forces will have to be coordinated. At the same time, Putin explained, the council would not need to take any emergency measures.

We agreed, and there is no need to introduce any extraordinary measures, nothing needs to be done, but it is necessary to establish clear, high-quality, well-coordinated work

Vladimir Putin President of Russia

Earlier it was reported that following the November 2 meeting of the council, the president demanded that weapons for the needs of the Russian army be improved continuously and remain effective at the same time. To do this, it is important to ensure active competition between manufacturers and developers, Putin said. In the development and production of each element of the aircraft equipment, the opinion of those who use it must be taken into account, he added.

To date, Russia has formed a mechanism for close cooperation between the Ministry of Defense, law enforcement agencies and regions.

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Equipment delivery schedules

The supply of Russian troops with weapons, as well as military and special equipment, is proceeding according to plan; monthly schedules for the near future have already been approved. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister, head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.

According to him, there is a “rhythmic” supply of weapons within the approved schedules for the current year, in some cases it is even possible to get ahead of the plan.

In case of difficulties, the military-industrial commission and specialized institutions responsible for the development and modernization of equipment are included in the work, and deliveries are accelerated, Manturov emphasized. In particular, many private enterprises have been involved in the production of equipment, which also help to fulfill orders on schedule.

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The growth of combat potential

War correspondent Alexander Sladkov also reported on the supply of the latest equipment for Russian servicemen in the special operation zone.

We are moving forward, we are advancing. And PMCs, and our infantry, and marines, the National Guard, border guards and so on. The whole structure works. (…) Satisfying. Now we are talking about the growth of our potential, that’s it

Alexander Sladkovwar correspondent

According to him, the “basic package of necessary factors for victory”, in particular, includes modern unmanned aerial vehicles, kamikaze vehicles and new reconnaissance systems. He also added that the Russian military quickly adapt to the conditions of hostilities.

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