OpenHarmony, the open-source platform, celebrates three years of successful contribution with over 7,500 community builders

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Gamingdeputy reported on May 25 that the OpenAtom Open Source Foundation OpenHarmony Developer Conference 2024 was held in Shenzhen this morning. The theme of the conference was “Gathering Strengths and Leading the Future with Intelligence.”

This conference took the opportunity of interpreting the technical features of OpenHarmony 4.1 Release to focus on OpenHarmony's technological innovation and community ecological progress, and jointly discuss the future development of the OpenHarmony open source community.


Liu Xiaojian, executive chairman of the OpenHarmony project group working committee and vice president of Huawei Terminal BG Software Department, attended the event and delivered a speech. He said: In the three years since OpenHarmony was open sourced, the version has continued to evolve and the version capabilities have been rapidly iterated. OpenHarmony has achieved leapfrog development and has made great progress in ecological equipment, root technology, industrial chain co-construction, and influence.

It is reported that more than 70 organizations have joined the OpenHarmony ecosystem, more than 7,500 community builders have participated in the contribution, and more than 110 million lines of code have been contributed. A total of nearly 600 software and hardware products have passed the OpenHarmony compatibility evaluation. It has become the fastest-growing open source operating system in the field of smart terminals.

He said that OpenHarmony is gradually becoming the digital foundation of the world of intelligent interconnection of all things. For example, Huawei has built a smart terminal operating system for Huawei terminal consumers based on OpenHarmony. HarmonyOS. In addition, third-party co-construction units have created a number of commercial distributions and products based on OpenHarmony (Gamingdeputy Note: HarmonyOS and third-party commercial distributions and products based on OpenHarmony share a unified application and service ecosystem).

In terms of industrial policy, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Huizhou, Chongqing, Nanjing and other places have taken the lead in introducing policy measures to support OpenHarmony, promoting the construction of the OpenHarmony ecosystem from the supply side and demand side.


To this end, the OpenHarmony device unified interconnection technology standard came into being. The standard was prepared by 15 members of the OpenHarmony project group ecological committee OpenHarmony device unified interconnection technology standard preparation group, aiming to promote the formulation and implementation of technical standards, including screen projection technology specifications, file sharing technology specifications, etc., to ensure the unity and compatibility of the ecosystem. The official said that through the benign combination of open source and standards, it will ensure the interconnection of OpenHarmony devices across manufacturers, data interoperability, and business interoperability.

In the future, this standard will continue to grow and evolve with the OpenHarmony interconnection business, further attracting more developers and companies to join the construction of OpenHarmony and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the ecosystem.

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