Nîmes: in correctional, the fake chimney sweep is sentenced to six months in prison

A repeat offender, the 30-year-old pretended to be an employee of a sweeping company to enter the homes of the elderly. And take money from them.

A 31-year-old Parisian was sentenced on Friday, September 23 to six months in prison, which could be adjusted by the Nîmes criminal court, for acts of violence with the use of a weapon.

This young blond man, in escheat, was prosecuted for having, in recurrence in December 2019, threatened an elderly person in whose home he had entered with a sidekick, having previously posed as two chimney sweeps.

Realizing that you were about to defraud him, this Nîmes then locked you up in his home until the police arrived. And then you threatened him with your screwdriver! ”, comments the president of the hearing, convinced by the concordant statements of the civil party and two local witnesses.

Certificate of work

According to a well-established modus operandi – the defendant having already been convicted in the past for similar acts – the defendant claimed, door to door, in residential areas of Nîmes, to carry out a sweeping service imposed by law.

A service that he then billed these people (generally the elderly and vulnerable, Editor’s note) around 85 euros, before issuing them an alleged certificate of completion of this work unfairly presented as compulsory“, denounced the public prosecutor Philippe Ughetto, to request a prison sentence suitable for conversion against the defendant.

At the end of the morning, this man who defended himself alone, claiming in particular to be now socially integrated, or even to have recently found a job, was sentenced to six months in prison.

He emerged free from court and will have to go to the sentencing judge to hope to serve his sentence at home, under electronic surveillance.

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