Netflix acquires the latest blockbuster now playing in theaters

It was just six months ago that “Gran Turismo” was released in cinemas and it is now landing on Netflix. Gamers immediately fall into raptures when they hear the name, as the game series of the same name has been one of the jewels on Sony's PlayStation for decades. But the film is much more than just a pure game adaptation.

“Gran Turismo” on Netflix on February 17th, no longer in the cinema

Netflix has struck again and has secured a blockbuster with “Gran Turismo”, which was just shown in the cinema. Who from Saturday, February 17, 2024 on Netflix If you turn it on, you will find the film there directly in the stream (watch on Netflix) and, for example, you no longer have to rent or buy it from Amazon (watch on Amazon).


If you like racing games, you can't ignore the successful series “Gran Turismo”. The games have been delighting gamers of all generations for 27 years now. For the Brit born in 1991 Jann Mardenborough The game even had a life-changing impact.

The trailer already promises hot action:

The gamer later became a real racer. Mardenborough did not gain his first experience in racing like normal racing drivers in karting, but with the PlayStation. Then in 2011 he won the GT Academy, a competition run by Nissan and Sony. As the winner, he was able to compete in the Dubai 24-hour race in a Nissan – the start of his racing career in various racing classes and series.

A story so incredible that it deserves to be made into a film. “Gran Turismo” was directed by none other than the South African director and filmmaker Neill Blomkamp, ​​who had a real surprise success with “District 9” in 2009. Mardenborough is portrayed in the film by British actor Archie Madekwe, who was last seen in the scandal film “Saltburn” on Amazon Prime Video.


Well-known actors such as David Harbor (“Stranger Things”) and Orlando Bloom (“The Lord of the Rings”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”) also act in front of the camera. Yes, even “Ginger Spice” aka Geri Halliwell is there and takes on a role.

Critic and audience response

With production costs of around 60 million US dollars and box office receipts of over 120 million US dollars, the blockbuster was not a flop, but those responsible had certainly expected a larger response. The story is definitely worth seeing. An IMDb rating of 7.2 promises more than just solid entertainment.

On Rotten Tomatoes, however, the professional critics' verdict is somewhat more cautious at 65 percent. In complete contrast to this, the audience’s vote – 98 percent thought the film was good. A great result and reason enough for you to give the film a second chance on Netflix if you just missed it in the cinema.