Mio MiVue C450, a webcam for less demanding customers

Not everyone needs a webcam with lots of functions, the highest quality of recordings and a great image even in complete darkness. Some people are looking for a device that they can mount, set up and forget. The Mio MiVue C450 is such a proposal. I checked it over several trips.

Mio MiVue C450 is an improved C440 model, which uses a Sony Starvis CMOS sensor. Basically, this change was to improve the image quality, although as you can see in the recordings, it is far from the ideal. But let’s start with the technical data and interesting facts.

Specifications, extras and functions

The C450 model is quite simple and basically aimed at less demanding users, but a few features and extras make it a very interesting and useful device in the car. They will be appreciated primarily by those who travel quite often and want to have evidence in the event of a collision, etc. The device records in Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) at 30 frames per second, which is quite enough for most applications. The lens is able to record the image at an angle of 130 degrees, and its quality is monitored by the Sony Starvis CMOS sensor. I will not elaborate on the quality of the image, because it is best assessed by everyone on the film. Lossless assembly consistent with the source material.


As for the mentioned functions, it is certainly worth mentioning the GPS module that records the car’s location and the speed at which it is moving. Of course, many drivers, especially after the recent changes, will appreciate the Mio Smart Alert speed camera warnings. The camera warns the driver in advance (to be set in the menu) about the restriction and the set speed camera. Their database should be updated from time to time, and these updates are “lifelong”. There is also an overload tracker – G-Sensor – which will automatically save the material in the event of a collision or severe shock and prevent it from being overwritten.

As for the construction itself, it is quite traditional. The screen is wide and readable, and under it there are four touch buttons hidden in the frame. I admit that I am not a fan of touch control anything, but here such a solution works much better than physical buttons. The control is quite simple and if someone has had to deal with the cameras of this brand, you will not have any problems with the operation. Mounting the webcam to the windshield is traditional – a suction cup and a ball joint for quick camera setting. I am a supporter of such a solution that allows you to quickly detach the webcam and transfer it to another car.

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The quality of the recordings

When it comes to the quality of the recordings, this one is adequate to the class of the device. The Mio C series is aimed at less demanding users who do not want to spend too much money on such equipment. This, unfortunately, can be seen on recordings that have quite a lot of grain. Night recordings are fine, aside from the grain and noise mentioned. Reading the license plates of moving vehicles is rather impossible, but after all, not everyone needs this quality.


The picture quality disappointed me a bit, but on the other hand it is hard to expect the highest quality from a device of this class. The design, large and readable screen, convenient interface, GPS module with a speed camera base and practical mounting are certainly worthy of praise. The price of the device is about PLN 500 and in my opinion, taking into account the image quality, it is a bit excessive. The market is full of competing products that may not have a GPS module or a large display, but we can find similar quality at a slightly lower price.

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