macOS 13.2 keeps moving windows after hibernation

Hello again, with this week’s release of macOS 13.2, Apple didn’t see fit to fix an issue with moving app windows after hibernation. Apple users who work with desktop Macs or use their MacBooks along with an external display encountered this error on several previous versions of macOS.

Particularly annoying is the fact that the problem also occurs when using exclusively Apple hardware and, for example, not exactly a cheap combination of Mac Studio and Apple Studio Display.

So far, Apple has consistently denied that these issues exist, and has also ignored various bug reports that have been filed about it, according to user reports.

In this case, the error occurs both when working with third-party applications, and when using various applications of Apple itself. If you enable sleep mode on a desktop Mac or laptop with an external display connected, application windows sometimes shift and appear smaller the next time you use your computer.


If you’re tired of having to reposition your application windows every time you wake up from sleep, you should use one of the various Mac window managers. For example, the free version of Rectangle does a great job of this. With it, you can quickly return windows to the desired size and position, if desired, using a keyboard shortcut.

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