Introducing a 75-inch TV priced below 1000 euros

(Deal of the day) Xiaomi offers a wide range of televisions for all budgets. This 75″ television, of good quality, was too expensive when it was released. It is much more interesting under €1,000.

What is this big TV from Xiaomi?

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What is this 75″ television?

Xiaomi's Q1 television is a model with an elegant design and thin borders, which highlight the large 75-inch panel. Immersion is clearly there with this model, whose diagonal is still 190 cm. The television is large, very large, and requires space as well as the appropriate TV cabinet. Also make sure you have enough distance to get the most out of the screen. Allow between 2 m and 2.50 m distance between your sofa and the television.

Xiaomi's Q1 is almost borderless, to promote immersion // Source: Xiaomi
Xiaomi's Q1 is almost borderless, to promote immersion // Source: Xiaomi

Is this TV worth it, at less than €1,000?

This is a great deal, if you're looking for a very large screen at a reduced price. Ideal for cinema, it is also perfectly suited to video games, but you will have to make a concession. The Xiaomi Q1 panel offers an Ultra HD image with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, but not both at the same time. Players will be able to connect their PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles, but will therefore have to choose between 4K at 60 Hz, or 1080p at 120 Hz.

Finally, Android TV adorns the Q1. Classic SVOD applications are easily accessible, via well-designed menus, and everything is fast and fluid. Note that the TV is compatible with Google's voice assistant.

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