Games industry mourns the loss of Ingo Horn

Died at the age of only 49: Ingo Horn (Photo: Wargaming Europe)

Great dismay in the German games industry: Wargaming communicator and Gaming Aid initiator Ingo Horn died unexpectedly.

Just a few days ago he published a first detailed inventory on his Facebook channel after the first three months since emigrating to Spain (“I’m really happy down here so far, especially the good weather is of course a real asset!”).


The news that reached Germany’s games industry yesterday is all the more depressing: Ingo Horn died unexpectedly of a heart attack on February 14 at the age of only 49, as Letsplay4Charity e.V. made public today.

“The hole that this terrible event leaves in us is indescribably deep and it is incredibly difficult to realize what has happened.”writes Wargaming spokesman Jörn Leue on behalf of his team.

Horn was part of the industry inventory for almost three decades: His career started in the 90s as a PR manager for Bomico and Infogrames (today: Bandai Namco Entertainment) as well as Virgin Interactive and Interplay.Later he was Director of Public Relations at the Munich browser game manufacturer Travian Games.

In July 2023, Ingo Horn would have celebrated his 10th anniversary with the company World of Tanks-provider Wargaming, where he rose to become Communication Director Europe.

For his many years of charitable commitment – for example through the founding of Gaming-Aid e.V. and LetsPlay4Charity e.V. – Horn was awarded the Federal Medal of Merit in August 2020 in Berlin’s Red City Hall.

“Helping people who really need help was always important to Ingo.As a founder of Gaming-Aid e.V. and now with Letsplay4Charity e.V. he was always committed to getting the most out of the given opportunities for people in need.”, says Leue, who is also deputy chairman at Letsplay4Charity e.V

On the platform GoFundMe Donations are collected to support the family with costs related to the funeral.

Our deepest sympathy goes to Ingo Horn’s family, friends and colleagues.