First Biomutant details: Karma system, 2 endings, millions of crafting options and a photo mode

biomutant preview and first details

Experiment 101 showed a 20-minute gameplay video of their upcoming game in a recent closed screening that just finished. Here are the first impressions of the action RPG, telling details about the karma system, crafting and types of tasks.

  • The world of Biomutant consists of seven biomes, which differ in terms of conditions and degree of danger. In some areas it is cold, in others it is hot, and in others, there is no oxygen – all these features must be taken into account before exploring locations, for example, using equipment with resistance to one or another element.
  • The resistance indicator can be pumped up to 100 percent, which will allow you to completely ignore the negative effect of the elements. In addition, the game has various protective equipment, for example, a spacesuit for free movement in areas in which there is no oxygen.
  • The game has an extensive sewer network that you can explore.
  • The size of the map is eight square kilometers. The player can freely explore most of the world, but progress will be stopped by negative effects. Thus, in order to get to the next location, you will have to get the necessary equipment, and sometimes a suitable vehicle.
  • The character in Biomutant has an aura that can turn light or dark depending on the player’s choice in quests. The developers noted that despite this, the tasks cannot be completed “incorrectly”, and karma reflects only the player’s approach. The aura affects how NPCs treat the character.
  • Biomutant has two main story endings that are based on the player’s choices and how they deal with the four World Eaters. Also, the events of the game and its finale will be influenced by which of the warring seven tribes the player will make an alliance with.
  • NPCs in Biomutant are very important – they not only give out tasks but also give hints, indicate the location of hidden dungeons and other secrets. It will be fun for players to talk to every character they meet. At the same time, the main character himself will not understand the NPCs, since they speak a language unfamiliar to him.
  • In addition to the tasks of the main storyline, the game features lines of side quests located in different areas. In addition, players will be able to explore the six Lumen Shrines and receive a secret reward for this, as well as complete other side missions, earning them on message boards.
  • Players will be allowed to collect and use automatons – tiny robots similar to grasshoppers that explore the world and find hidden rewards and side quests.
  • Players will have the opportunity to create equipment from a variety of fragments and ingredients that they will find during the game. At the same time, almost all the components can be combined in one way or another, even if at first glance the object seems useless. Experiment 101 studio assures that the number of possible combinations for crafting only ranged weapons exceeds 200 million.
  • You can create equipment at any time from the special menu – you do not need to visit the workbench for this. At the same time, workbenches are in the game, but they can only be used to improve weapons and armor.
  • Weapons and equipment do not break over time.
  • Biomutant has puzzles. At the presentation, reviewers were shown only one puzzle, but according to the developers, there are enough of them in the game.
  • Biomutant is a complete single-player game with not a single multiplayer element. The developers noted that in addition to the sixth class, the Mercenary, which is available for pre-ordering, there will be no other microtransactions in the action RPG. At the same time, the additional class can also be bought as DLC after the release of the game.
  • Biomutant has a photo mode.

Biomutant gameplay:

Biomutant Character Editor

Biomutant will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 25. On May 4, in honor of Star Wars Day, the developers released a trailer for Biomutant in the style of the 9th Star Wars episode.

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