Fallout TV series explodes Fallout Shelter revenues by 4x in 3 days | Xbox

The Fallout TV series is already a critical success before being a commercial success, but above all it allows Bethesda to make all the games from the license popular. The recent figures communicated about the game Fallout Shelter bear witness to this again.

Fallout TV series generates significant increase in gaming revenue

We saw this week, the launch of the Fallout TV series has already had a big impact on attendance at Fallout games in recent days. Records have even been broken, which shows to what extent the series has boosted the interest generated by the license among a population undoubtedly wider than that of those initiated into Bethesda's historic franchise.


If new proof was needed, today, here it is. The figures from mobile analytics company Sensor Tower and retrieved by GameIndustry show that daily revenue for the mobile spin-off Fallout Shelter increased from just over $20,000 on April 10, 2024 (the series' launch day) to $80,000 on April 13.

You might think that historic Fallout Shelter players got back into the game thanks to the marketing around the series, but that's not the only explanation since the number of downloads has also exploded, going from around 20,000 to more 60,000 in the space of three days. Data also indicates that daily downloads of Fallout Shelter increased by 20% in the 24 hours following the series' launch.

This is probably just the beginning for the Fallout series

The revenues generated in recent days by the mobile game Fallout Shelter are certainly only the beginning since the series will continue to be viewed and the marketing will take effect. We also learn that Fallout Shelter has climbed to 7th place in the ranking of best free games on iOS in the United States, the highest position that the game has occupied since June 2018 when it was announced on PS4 and Switch.

According to Rachit Moti, CEO of Layer Licensing, the company that was able to retrieve the figures, these good results are not that surprising.


The Fallout series launched to overwhelmingly positive reviews and a very happy fanbase. While it's still early, we're already seeing an impact on how the games themselves have been received.

Although the game Fallout Shelter is almost ten years old, this sharp increase shows the impact of mobile when an intellectual property extends to new mediums like cinema and television…. Unsurprisingly, both games Fallout with elements of service games – 76 and Shelter – showed the most interest due to their activities related to new outfits and new characters related to the series.

It's important to remember that the series is still relatively new and we will only see the full impact of this adaptation in the coming weeks.