Exodus: the Interstellar-style space game is co-developed with Certain Affinity (Halo) | Xbox

If you assiduously follow the news surrounding Xbox, then it is very likely that you have already heard of the Certain Affinity studio. The latter has indeed worked on numerous Halo productions, including the Halo Infinite Battle Royale which was reportedly canceled. Today, we learned that the studio is co-developing Exodus with Archetype Entertainment.

Archetype Entertainment co-develops Exodus with Certain Affinity

The news was indeed made official through a press release. Certain Affinity reveals that it has been working on Exodus since 2022 with executive creative director and co-founder of Archetype Entertainment, James Ohlen. If this name doesn't mean anything to you, know that he notably worked on titles like Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 or even Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.


As part of co-development, Certain Affinity is also working hand in hand with Chad Robertson, the studio's vice president, executive producer and co-founder, formerly studio director for Bioware.

Max Hoberman, CEO of Certain Affinity, said:

We are excited to partner with James, Chad and the rest of the team at Archetype Entertainment. As one of the world's premier independent studios, we've worked on a wide variety of games, but nothing compares to this exciting new sci-fi game, EXODUS. Our mission is to add value to the entire development and complement their efforts to bring this amazing narrative experience to players around the world.

James Ohlen also wanted to share a few words about this partnership.

This game introduces an extremely innovative and expansive world. We are creating a new universe that we hope will be the start of a decades-long narrative adventure for players. I've known Max for a long time and was excited to partner with Certain Affinity on a project. With his support and the contribution of his exceptional team, we look forward to bringing this new AAA sci-fi universe to life.

Finally, Chad Robertson also wanted to share his vision.


The union of our experienced teams brings an undeniable advantage to the project and guarantees that within today's competitive video game market, EXODUS will be an intellectual property that will stand out in terms of quality, deep commitment and value for players. We have enjoyed working with Certain Affinity and look forward to the unique opportunities that come from such a close partnership with such an experienced team.

Exodus, what is it?

Your destiny is to lead the Travelers into the stars, on a hunt to steal weapons and alien technology from the universe's most powerful enemy: the Celestials.

But to lead the fight to save humanity, you will have to make sacrifices and put everyone you love in danger.

Interstellar missions take you to the limit of the speed of light; the days that pass for you are decades for your friends and loved ones. Entire lives could pass in your absence.

The choices you make have consequences that alter the destiny of those you love: they reshape your world as well as the future of your entire civilization over several generations.

As the visionary leader of your people, you will face impossible choices. You have sacrificed everything to fight and protect your world from an ancient alien civilization whose technology far exceeds ours.

Existing outside of time, your choices transform the very nature of your world, but one thing remains unchanged: your destiny is linked to that of humanity.

Also note that actor Matthews Mcgonaway will play a central role in the game.

The game is coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC without a release date.