New Story-Based Video for ‘SteamWorld Heist II’ Released, Game Launching August 8, 2024

The latest game in the SteamWorld series, “SteamWorld Heist II,” which we introduced a full-fledged gameplay commentary video the other day, is expected to be released on August 8, 2024, and Kyle T. Johnson of Thunderful has newly released the latest video. We have released a Deep Dive video that introduces the story of the work.

Centering on the conflict with the Royal Navy over poisoned water, the story revolves around the main character Captain Leeway and his crew Daisy and Wesley, exploration of the fog-covered Great Sea, several locations, naval battles, and ship upgrades. Check out the latest video introducing the elements below.


SteamWorld Heist II

A crisis is creeping up on this world floating in the calm waves…The name of the crisis is “water crisis”! ? Inexplicably, this precious resource has been transformed into “poison”. It began to corrode metal limbs and mechanical hearts.

Play as Captain Leeway and lead a ragtag crew of Steambots to solve the mysterious mystery of Etai that threatens the Great Sea.


Aim accuracy is the key in the midst of battle. Aim well, take advantage of ricochet, and shoot your enemies. Each move becomes a strategic breakthrough to victory. You should carefully assess the surrounding environment, and if you bounce the bullet off that wall, you'll be able to hit that enemy, hmm…


As the captain, the fate of the crew is in your hands. Equip your crew with a variety of weapons, customize their abilities and equipment, and utilize the job system to overcome any obstacles that may come your way. From seasoned veterans to eager newcomers, crews need guidance. After all, you're up against the dangerous Great Sea.

take away

Set out on a journey into the vast blue ocean, where adventure, mystery, and danger waft among the waves…Challenge your crew in real-time naval battles as you attack enemy bases and steal precious gold and silver treasures. ” Let's raise that. Once you've successfully completed a battle, you can take a short break at one of the lively bars, where you can rest, upgrade items and crew members, and form new alliances with your fellow robots.

Game features

  • Master turn-based battles featuring Steambots, a thrilling and free aiming system, and satisfying ricochet gameplay when things go well. When I release a bullet, I calculate the perfect rebound angle, and when I succeed, I get a rush of adrenaline!
  • Set out to explore the vast world and overcome the challenges of the Great Sea in real-time naval battles.
  • Customize your crew to suit your play style with a deep job system that's sure to get you hooked. More than 150 types of guns, useful items, ship equipment, etc.
  • Enjoy the world as if it had come to life. Meticulously drawn characters, world objects, and a mesmerizing soundtrack. The song was produced by our bard, Steam Powered Giraffe, following on from “1''. Play while listening to the wonderful music and sound effects, and you'll create unforgettable memories.